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Author: Bram

HowTo SiriControl with Raspberry Pi 3

We can use Siri for a lot of things on our Apple device, but you can also use Siri to control IoT things that dont have support for HomeKit! This can be done by using SiriControl!┬áSiriControl is a Python script that runs on your Raspberry and polls your Gmail account for newly created notes. Notes? How does it work? You can use Siri to make notes for you, and we can also use Gmail to store the notes. Now we have Siri that can store commands on a Cloud Based system like Gmail. As Gmail is IMAP aware we can use a python script to read the notes. This is the basic of SiriControl. How to… Below the steps you need to take to setup SiriControl on your Raspberry and the requirements for you Gmail account. Create a Gmail account Lets start with creating a Gmail account. Due to security reasons I recommend to use a new Gmail account because you have to enter your e-mail address and password in a Phyton script (yes unencrypted ­čÖü ). After creating make sure you do the following: Enable Less Secure Apps for you newly created account Enable IMAP in your settings so your iOS device can push the Notes Add Gmail to your iOS device Now we have created a Gmail account, we have to make sure that if we tell...

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Oomph! arrived

For Christmass i did receive an Oomph, a what?! An Oomp! As i’m a lot on the road for work and i really enjoy a cup of good coffee the Oomph is a great device! From one of my customers I received an Oomph and I did hear of it on Kickstarter. After receiving and unpacking it was time to first buy some filter coffee as I only have Senseo Pads at home. After getting some filter coffee it was time to try the Oomph. For my Senseo i’m using the dark pads, so stronger coffee. After reading about...

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HowTo: Raspberry Pi 3 UniFi Controller AC-AP PRO

As I was using a Miraki AP (MR12) and the license was about to end I started looking for a new AP. The Web GUI for Meraki is really nice, but the MR12 is slow and already 3 years old. Also the licenses are pretty expensive so I decided it is time to upgrade. When searching I found the Ubiquiti UniFi AC AP Pro as a good solution. I noticed there is a controller software required to configure the AP. Also I found some tutorials to add the Controller software to my RPi 3 running as a VPN server...

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Enable Let’s Encrypt on DirectAdmin 1.50.1

As there is a change within the law we need to have make sure all Personal Data┬á send through a website is securely send. Now as I’m running several DirectAdmin Servers we have the option to use Let’s Encrypt. A great addon / feature to DirectAdmin to generate and secure a website! Except for the thing that my DA server was failing in securing sites… I had to do the following to make sure I could enable this website ( and my personal site Steps taken: Enable Let’s Encrypt in the DirectAdmin config echo “letsencrypt=1” >> /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf Restart...

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Unboxing Bottle Opener X (BOx)

As a fan of kickstarter projects and beers I came accross the BOx (Bottle Opener X). This is, as told by the developers, the world’s first smart bottle opener. As a tech guy this sounds interesting so I decided to back this project. Finally! 15 november 2016, the day I received my BOx! The item was send in an enveloppe, when the mail man (or woman) dropped it off it was a little damaged during the travel from Swiss to The Netherlands. After opening i did receive a great looking box that included the opener. Some things i noticed...

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