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Category: Linux

DDoS / rootkit infection mikrjcfxwr

This week one of my XenServers for testing environments was suffering from Network loss and packet loss. My ISP did only see some broadcast traffic and was not sure what was going on. The machine was sometimes responding and had...

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iLO3 not responding on HTTPS

As i’m running several servers in a datacenter, and the DC is a 2 hour drive, I decided to add an iLO interface to my servers (yes it is HP). But for some maintenance preparation i decided to verify the iLO is up and...

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Expanding LVM with new harddisk

In this post I will describe how to expand a LVM with adding a new harddisk. This for example on a running VMware Virtual Machine. So after this post you will have 2 disks running in 1 LVM. Notice! Make sure to take a backup and...

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