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Since a few months I was using Philips Hue lights, first only 2 normal bulbs (white) for in my living room and bedroom. I was pretty amazed, the GeoFunction did put my lights on when i came home from work, and if i was in traffic i could turn on the lights so it looked like i was home.

Today i mounted my new lamp with 3 Hue Color Spots, and as a big fan of Fifa the first scene i created where 3 green lights. This look amazing while playing soccer on my Playstation. After that i created some other scenes, and next thing will be to update my Kodi Raspberry setup to allow ambilight function on the 3 color spots. Also i did update my Home Automation setup so i can select a few scenes from my home system running on another Raspberry.

The possibilities are endless with this system. It is quite easy to use and fun to do, only disadvantage is the price, 3 spots are pretty expensive, but as a tech guy i think it is worth it.


  • Create color schemes to match tv shows / PS4 games (like Fifa)
  • Turn on lights from anywhere (if you have a internet connection)
  • Easy to play with
  • Integration with other apps like blinking lights when receiving an email


  • Price
  • Manual switch works, but need an device to control scenes (smartphone / tablet / notebook)