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While browsing on the interwebs I did find a great post about a MagicMirror by Michael Teeuw This gave me the cool idea to use my old iPad for my own Home Automation system.

As I moved to my new house in september 2015 I would like to automate as mutch as possible, just because it is funny and because i’m interested in those tech thingies.

With the Magic Mirror page as a base I started brainstoming what to do. After some weeks (yes i have to work on a daily base so this is an evening project) I have a funny system up and running from my Raspberry Pi B+ model.

The following support is now included in this webpage:
Based on MagicMirror

  • iCloud Agenda
  • Latest headlines from
  • Weather information

Additions to this system

  • Tech info about the RPi (voltage / temp / mhz)
  • Kodi (OpenElec) latest movies and 4 controls for scanning / playing files
  • E-mail Management (See if there are new mails)
  • Philips Hue management (manage my Hue lights

These functions are now included and maybe more to come. Still looking for some sensors about the temperature and humidity in my house, but this will be a project for later on.

Some screenshots

Home Screen RPi info Email info Kodi system Philips Hue