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Because we have a support case with the MSFT team I was asked to download some Microsoft DEMO vm’s for Dynamics AX 2012R3 CU8. When i downloaded the VM’s and started these everything was working fine for a few minutes. I was making some modification when suddenly the VM shuts down. Now I found out the License was Expired and then the Machine auto shuts down.

This can be tracked in the EventViewer where the VM tells you it is shutting down because of an evaluation version.

Rearm the machine to keep working

You can rearm the machine so it will stay online and you can keep testing with it. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Virtual Machine with the Administrator credentials
  2. Start an elevated CommandPrompt (run as administrator)
  3. run the following command:
    slmgr /dlv
    Check if you can still rearm the machine (remaining number of rearm)
  4. run the following command to rearm the machine
    slmgr /rearm
  5. Reboot your server
  6. Njoy