iLO3 not responding on HTTPS

As i’m running several servers in a datacenter, and the DC is a 2 hour drive, I decided to add an iLO interface to my servers (yes it is HP).

But for some maintenance preparation i decided to verify the iLO is up and running (just to save my ass for a 2 hour drive), but got noticed i was not able to access it through it’s HTTPS interface….

Running NMAP showed HTTPS port was stil open and also the HTTP port was responding but i got no webinterface so i could check the console.

Now how can i fix this? I did see some posts about powercycling the machine, but that would again be a 2 hour drive. After some d igging and checkin on SSH i found the magic command.

Using “reset map1” at the SSH does give the iLO interface a reboot. This solved my issue and the webinterface is up & running again.

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