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For Christmass i did receive an Oomph, a what?! An Oomp!

As i’m a lot on the road for work and i really enjoy a cup of good coffee the Oomph is a great device!

From one of my customers I received an Oomph and I did hear of it on Kickstarter. After receiving and unpacking it was time to first buy some filter coffee as I only have Senseo Pads at home. After getting some filter coffee it was time to try the Oomph. For my Senseo i’m using the dark pads, so stronger coffee. After reading about the Oomph and the Fill Line i decided to put in 25gram of coffee as a max just to try. Well this is real coffee and 10x better as a Senseo.

The device allows you to make your own taste of coffee, you can add more coffee, but also filter it quicker so the taste is not that hard. Also the coffee stays hot for a long time. A great device for the coffee lover that is on the road or has to drive to the office for a while.

Check out their website: